Interesting facts about menopause

What do we know about menopause? That it is accompanied by hot flashes, weight gain and other manifestations of hormonal changes. But you probably haven’t even heard of many interesting facts about menopause.

The time comes, and every woman is faced with manifestations of menopausal changes in the body. This stage signals that the body is completing its reproductive function. With the onset of menopause, the endocrine system reduces the production of “female” hormones, which can affect the well-being and appearance of a woman. We’ll tell you what a woman faces during menopause, how old she comes, and whether the fair sex can get pregnant at such a time.

In general, menopause is not considered a disease, it is a physiological condition. But unpleasant moments are still present: dry skin, itching, heart palpitations, hypertension, hot flashes, changes in the functioning of the reproductive system, insomnia, increased sweating.

Menopause Facts

1.Will have to do sports in a new way

When changes in the form of menopause occur in the body, the hormonal background changes dramatically. In this case, the body also changes – therefore, the system of habitual training will need to be reviewed. To keep fit, do more dumbbell exercises. This will not only help you lose weight at your waist, but also strengthen the bone mass, which becomes more and more fragile in women as they age.

2. Your sexuality won’t fade

During menopause, women complain of dryness in the vagina and lack of their own lubrication, because estrogen levels drop sharply. This, of course, cannot please, because sex can become painful. But if a woman leads an active sex life at this age, then the body stimulates the production of vaginal lubrication to protect the vagina. However, if you have sex regularly and at the same time experience discomfort and pain, it is best to consult a doctor so that he prescribes an additional dose of estrogen (in the form of suppositories or ointments) to solve this problem.

3. You will become more susceptible to sexual diseases.

During menopause, many women stop using any protective equipment, believing that they can no longer get pregnant. But this can be a fatal mistake if both you and your partner are not in a serious relationship. The fact is that the susceptibility to sexually transmitted diseases does not end during this period, but increases, and the probability of contracting if you had unprotected sex is high. At any age, a woman should not forget about safe sex.

4. Your hair will become thinner

The hairline on the head and body will noticeably thinner. This is because your body now produces additional androgen, a hormone that plays an important role in male reproductive activity.

5. You may have trouble sleeping.

During this period, you should go to bed earlier. Many women during menopause suffered from sleep disturbances. This typical side effect often occurs due to night sweats of women. Simple tides cause night sweats, and since sweat bothers and wakes you, you feel lethargic the next day in the morning.

Do not let these symptoms develop: go to bed earlier so that you have enough time for a good sleep, even if the night tides wake you up, sleep longer if your sleep was interrupted at night.

6. You may not experience any side effects.

One third of women do not feel any symptoms of menopause at all. Many women literally fly through this period. The only thing that women notice is that their periods have stopped.

If you still encounter pains, poor health, then in this case you should definitely visit a gynecologist to find out with what means you can get some relief.

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