Hormones in the female body

Hormones really have a huge impact on the human body. It is under their influence that we grow and mature, fall in love and get angry, fall asleep and wake up. In fact, all processes are regulated by hormones.

In addition to the same hormones present in the body of every person, regardless of gender, there are also sex hormones. In men, male sex hormones predominate, and in women, respectively, female. Sex hormones affect the formation of secondary sexual characteristics and the functioning of the reproductive system. Female sex hormones are behind the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, lactation, and many other processes.

It is important not only the amount of a particular hormone in the body, but the ratio of hormones to each other. If the hormonal balance is disturbed, this leads to disruptions in the work of the whole organism.

How to maintain the correct balance of hormones in the female body and what it may depend on?

The balance of hormones in the female body

Female hormones include two types of hormones: estrogens and progestogens.

Estrogens are responsible for many functions. They shape the female body – external sexual characteristics, help the organs of the reproductive system to form, streamline menstruation, and regulate milk production.

Estrogens begin to be produced in large quantities during puberty, and during menopause their amount in the body decreases. It is because of the reduction in the production of estrogen in women during menopause that hot flashes, emotional swings, and a decrease in libido appear.

Progestogens help a woman get pregnant. They prepare a favorable environment for the fetus, help it take root, stimulate the growth of the endometrium (layer of the uterus), etc.

Thus, if the level of progestogens (namely, progesterone) is too low, then pregnancy either will not occur or will end in miscarriage.

In the event that a large amount of male hormones appears in the female body, this provokes increased hair growth, a rough low voice, but, most importantly, problems with the menstrual cycle and infertility.

Therefore, it is so important to check the ratio of hormones in women who are planning a pregnancy.

How to increase the level of female hormones in the body?
If a pregnant woman has low progesterone levels in early pregnancy, this can be a real problem. The growth of the uterus does not occur, its contraction does not stop. A fertilized egg cannot be implanted into the uterus, an ectopic pregnancy, fetal growth retardation, and miscarriage may occur.

If a pregnant woman has low progesterone levels in early pregnancy, this can be a real problem. The growth of the uterus does not occur, its contraction does not stop. A fertilized egg cannot be implanted into the uterus, an ectopic pregnancy, fetal growth retardation, and miscarriage may occur.

In order to normalize the amount of progesterone in the body, a variety of means can be used, and not all of them are hormonal. The choice of the drug depends on the degree of deviation of the indicator from the norm and the cause of this violation.

Elevated levels of another hormone, prolactin, also prevent pregnancy. Excessive production of prolactin can be provoked by various reasons: stress, excessive exertion, diseases, taking certain medications, neoplasms in the pituitary gland.

To lower prolactin, the sacred vitex extract is often used, which gently and naturally normalizes the balance of hormones in the female body. If the prolactin level is normal, Vitex extract has no effect on it.

How to reduce the level of male hormones in the female body?

Male hormones (androgens) are also normally present in the female body, since they regulate certain functions. However, their level is very low. Too high levels of male hormones can lead not only to a change in the woman’s appearance, but also to problems with the menstrual cycle and potential pregnancy.

The main male hormone, testosterone, can lead to infertility when concentrated in the body.

An increased production of androgens can be a sign of diseases such as metabolic syndrome (increased production of insulin) or polycystic ovary disease.

First of all, if you find an increased content of male hormones, you should adhere to the recommendations of doctors. To reduce the production of androgens in polycystic ovaries, metformin, inositol, vitamin D3 and others can be used. With a slight deviation to normalize the hormonal background, the doctor may recommend adding a number of products to the food (for example, honey, natural juices, caffeine), and starting yoga. Hormone therapy can also be prescribed, but only a specialist should prescribe it.

How to normalize hormones in women

The influence of hormones on the female body determines not only the appearance, but also the health, well-being of a woman, her mood, the ability to conceive and bear a child. Therefore, modern medicine pays so much attention to normalizing hormonal balance.

First of all, you need to find the cause of the hormonal disruption. Unhealthy diet, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, medication, and a number of diseases can change hormones. For example, a neoplasm or an autoimmune disease can dramatically increase the production of a hormone. In this case, monitoring the level of hormones may indicate that something is wrong in the body. Timely treatment aimed at eliminating the cause that caused the hormonal disruption will help to normalize the hormonal background.

Normalization of hormonal levels with folk remedies

Often, problems in the body signal a hormonal imbalance. And if you try to self-medicate and normalize hormonal levels in women with folk remedies, you can only worsen the situation. Yes, some plants can actually affect the production of certain hormones. The most effective of these, like the previously mentioned vitex, are used in traditional evidence-based medicine in effective dosages.

Therefore, in case of problems with the hormonal background, a woman should definitely contact an endocrinologist and a gynecologist and strictly follow their recommendations.

Preparations for the normalization of hormonal levels

Many people think that hormone therapy with synthetic hormones will be used to increase hormone levels. But if it is possible not to use hormonal drugs, experts usually do not prescribe them.

Quite often, doctors recommend diets, adjust lifestyle, prescribe specific medications, vitamin and mineral complexes. For example, iodine may be prescribed to normalize the level of thyroid hormones, since it is part of thyroid hormones.

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