Delay of menstruation for 3 days with a negative test

The delay in menstruation for a woman is like a bell that something is wrong with the body, and some kind of malfunction has occurred. Menstruation is delayed for three days, a pregnancy test is negative, the lower abdomen pulls, and the chest hurts. We will tell you why there is a delay in menstruation for 3 days and answer the most popular questions.

The reasons for the delay in menstruation for 3 days

Delayed menstruation for up to five days in most cases can have quite natural reasons, that is, a delayed menstruation for three days with a negative pregnancy test may be a normal option.

But menstruation can be delayed for more than 3 days and for other reasons:

Gynecological diseases – for example, uterine fibroids, inflammation of the appendages and ovaries. If you feel pain, malaise and discomfort in the pelvis, it is best to consult a specialist.

Taking oral contraceptives

If you took hormonal contraceptives, then after their cancellation there may be longer delays. It’s just that hormones decrease the productivity of the ovaries, and then the syndrome of “hyperbraking” develops. The full recovery period of an organism after taking oral contraceptives can be up to six months.


In the presence of a stressful state, changes occur in the body, both at the mental and physiological levels. It appears that all internal organs are exposed to stress and anxiety. The regulation of the menstrual cycle is disrupted both at the level of the central nervous system and at the level of organs. Therefore, due to severe stress in women, the cycle goes wrong.

Sharp weight loss

The main function of the female body is preparing for conception, bearing and giving birth to a child. Abrupt weight loss, active physical activity and strict diets bring the body into an emergency saving mode. Then the reproductive function simply “pauses”. The “risk group” includes not only those women who have too low a percentage of body fat, but also those who are obese.

What to do in case of a delay of 3 months

If the pregnancy test is negative, and you know that the delay in menstruation for 3 days was not due to stress, then you need to go to the gynecologist.

A delay of 3 days does not always require treatment or correction. The doctor will help you find the cause of the delay, prescribe a number of studies, you will have to take blood tests, urine tests, and do an ultrasound scan. Thanks to the above studies, the gynecologist will be able to determine the cause of the delay in menstruation.

If the reason lies in psychological problems, then you need to work with a psychologist.

Prevention of delayed menstruation

In order for your female body to work like a clock: menstruation arrives on time, abdominal and chest pains do not disturb, you need to take care of your health constantly, including eating properly and getting enough sleep. If such failures did occur, then you need to contact a gynecologist in order to timely diagnose possible diseases.

Your diet must have red meat, fatty fish, linseed or olive oil, yolks, avocados. Fats are involved in maintaining the balance of sex hormones.

Why pulls the lower abdomen

For many girls and women, with a delay in menstruation, the stomach pulls, painful sensations arise in it. They can be caused by contractions of the lower abdomen of the uterus. Often this happens on the eve and during a critical period. And this means that the menstruation is on its way and is about to begin.

If the pain causes dizziness and even loss of consciousness, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Pain can occur due to inflammatory processes, cysts or hemorrhages in the ovaries, inflammation of the appendages, pathology of the pelvis. If there are unpleasant signs and a negative pregnancy test result, you should undergo a medical examination and, if necessary, start treatment as soon as possible.

Can chest pain occur?

Often, women complain not only of pain in the lower abdomen, in the lower back, but also in the chest: the body aches, the chest pours and enlarges. Breasts can be sore due to malfunctioning of the ovaries or hormonal imbalance. There is nothing critical in insignificant breast engorgement before menstruation; this is a normal reaction to hormonal changes in the second phase of the cycle. Breast enlargement, its density and hypersensitivity occur 2-7 days before menstruation. If you feel chest pain, it means that menstruation will come soon.

What is the reason for the temperature increase?

An increase in temperature is not as common as the listed phenomena, but it is also troubling.

An increase in basal temperature to 37 degrees or higher is due to the high level of the hormone progesterone in the blood.

To notice such a slight increase can either women with very high sensitivity, or those who regularly measure basal body temperature.

When menstruation arrives, progesterone production decreases, and the temperature normalizes, reaching the usual 36.6 degrees of the body. So, an increase in temperature is a sign that critical days will come soon.

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