Painful menstruation: why not endure them?

Drawing pain in the lower abdomen, falling lower back, nausea and headache – unfortunately, too many girls and women are familiar with this. Every month – a large part of our lives – we suffer pain during menstruation and believe that this is normal.

Good news! Painful periods are not the norm, and with this you can – and should – do something. We have prepared a small guide, which, we hope, will help you forget about the pain on critical days and if you do not get pleasure from them, then at least not fall out of an active life.

The first and main advice – go to the doctor. The causes of pain during menstruation can be different (these are the features of your body, and some diseases), but only a good gynecologist can determine what bothers you.

An important point: if the doctor tells you that all the evil from the bend of the uterus or advises urgently to give birth “and everything will pass”, please go to another specialist. Option Two: You Can Say Goodbye Pain and on our own, relying on our algorithm.

Have you always had pain during your period? Most likely, this is really a feature of your body, and then they can help you:

  • over-the-counter painkillers – for severe pain, start taking them a day or two before your period begins.
  • if you don’t want to drink pills, a heating pad on your stomach, a little exercise and massage are your friends, although not with a 100% guarantee, but dietary supplements are doubtful comrade: their effectiveness is not proven, the composition is often unpredictable, the reaction can be any – In general, doctors highly recommend them.

Have you already tried everything, but the pain is in no hurry to go free swimming? We return to point one – and go to the doctor.

And remember that:

  1. the bend is not to blame for anything, and childbirth is not a panacea;
  2. hormonal contraceptives are prescribed only by a doctor and only after analysis and examination;
  3. if the drugs prescribed by the doctor for three months do not help, you must tell him about it and undergo a diagnosis: most likely, the culprit of your pain is some kind of disease.

Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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