12 ways to quickly turn your man on

Beautiful linen and candlelight dinner – these methods do not always work. In addition, such tokens are more likely to be surprising than exciting. There are several simple ways to arouse sexual desire. Take on arms!

Admire them naked

See how beloved comes out of the shower or undresses? Give him a compliment, like “wow, what I have …”. Even if a person doubts his sexuality, pleasant words will definitely affect his sexual desire.

Tickle him

Do it gently so that the tickling is perceived by the person as a flirtation, and not as a desire to annoy. Excite your loved one to the game, who will cross whom. In this case, the struggle should end not with victory or loss, but with sex.

Scratch his back

For many people, the back is the most erogenous place. Use this knowledge and scratch the back of your loved one. Touch the skin gently – no need to cling strongly to the claws and tear your back.

Wear perfume

You must have your own fragrance, because often we associate smells with emotions, events or a specific person. Let the man remember the first days of acquaintance, the first sex and other pleasant moments according to your aroma. Probably, he will have a desire to return at this time.

Feed him aphrodisiacs

Experts are not sure whether the “sexual” products work or not. However, it’s worth a try! If your partner does not fall asleep after a hearty dinner, in most cases he will want sex. So choose hearty, but not feeling heavy dishes. Prohibited meat, fatty and sweet foods.

Turn on the music

Remember the song that was played during the first sex? Turn it on urgently. Music works in much the same way as smells.

Play it yourself

If you have musical instruments at home, such as a piano or guitar, play something romantic. Men are very exciting.

Make new sheets

Music is not yours? Then upgrade your bedroom. No, repairs need to be done. It is enough to buy a new sleeping set. Another option is to have sex in an unfamiliar place. Suitable beach, hotel, friends apartment or train.

Scare him

Oddly enough, fear is exciting. Say you crashed the car. And even after sex, he suddenly realizes that you never had a car.

Use red color

Red color is exciting. Red sheets, red underwear, red stockings or even red hair – all this indicates a sexual desire.

Put on his shirt

Get up in the morning and put his white shirt on his naked body. Sexologists do not know how this works, but a man gets excited almost immediately. If your boyfriend is not wearing a shirt, take a hoodie or t-shirt.


A girl who knows how to joke is always sexy. Joke, but do not replay.

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