Diet for menstruation

Critical days for me are a real test: my stomach and head hurt, and tears are in my eyes all the time. And the tablets are poor I heard that a diet can help me. Is it true?

Fats – banned

The main point in the prevention of pain during menstruation is a temporary, but significant limitation of fatty foods. It is from fats in the body that compounds are produced that provoke spasms of the uterus muscles.

Studies show that a diet containing only 10 percent fat is beneficial for the female body during critical days. Such a diet helps reduce pain on critical days. And it is scientifically proven.

It is especially important to exclude sources of saturated and omega-6 fatty acids from your diet. These are sunflower oil, milk, sour cream, cream, cheese, chicken and turkey legs. Before menstruation, it is also not recommended to eat beef, pork and lamb. In limited quantities, only fish, nuts, seeds and avocados can be consumed.

The diet should contain a sufficient amount of protein, especially vegetable. Its sources are soy products, beans, peas and other legumes.

Craving for sweets

Many women notice that their appetite sharply rises shortly after critical days. And especially they are very “drawn” to the sweet. A tough fight against this attraction will not lead to anything good. Hunger will make your mood worse.

But leaning on sweets and cakes is still not worth it. The body must be given the “right”, that is, complex carbohydrates. This was confirmed by American scientists. Before a period, a group of women included corn flakes in their daily morning diet. The result was unexpected.

Women were in a good mood, less irritated and angry. Further studies showed that carbohydrates in cornflakes increased serotonin in brain tissue. This substance improves our mood, regulates sleep, and reduces depression.

Healing magnesium

Oat, buckwheat, millet, and rice cereals are also useful for women on critical days. These are natural sources of magnesium, calcium, potassium and B vitamins. It is proved that magnesium and vitamin B6 reduce muscle tension, reduce the likelihood of cramping and headache. With a sufficient amount of magnesium in the body, craving for sweets and starchy foods is reduced.

Definitely need to include vegetables and fruits in the menu. Magnesium is found in bananas, nuts, watermelons and green vegetables. Parsley, celery and asparagus will be beneficial. These natural diuretics gently remove excess fluid from the body, reducing the likelihood of swelling and headaches. Of the berries, it is better to choose blueberries and black currants – sources of natural antioxidants.

Saving chocolate

If you insufferably want chocolate, then it is also quite acceptable. But it should be exclusively dark chocolate. It is desirable that the cocoa content in it be higher than 70 percent. Dark chocolate is a source of magnesium and theobromine. They dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation and relieve spasms and headaches. Chocolate also increases the level of serotonin in the body, makes a woman relaxed, calm and happy.

Caffeine aggression

To reduce nervous tension, before menstruation, limit caffeinated drinks: coffee, strong tea, and cola. Caffeine can increase aggression and mood swings.

Chips, fried foods, all sweets, alcohol are also not recommended. If you are prone to edema, then a week before the onset of menstruation, salt less food. It has been proven that salt can enhance menstrual cramps.

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