Arguments against the independent use of hormonal drugs

There are several arguments against the independent use of hormonal drugs. But they are all much more specific than these standard allusions to the ephemeral “side effects”. In fact, these drugs or creams are not toxic at all, and do not even glow in the dark. They are significantly safer than most antibiotics and, in general, can indeed be an ideal means of slowing down aging. But there are a number of nuances that are not related to their action or composition directly. In particular, it would not hurt us to think hard about:

1.Those hormones that we need most. As we said above, the background, natural for our body, can be initially different. In many men and women, from the very beginning of puberty, a higher background of hormones of the opposite sex is established than is accepted by the standard.

Women with high testosterone and men with high estrogen in the world are much more than it might seem. Moreover, such features of hormonal regulation are not the stage of deviation that would manifest itself so noticeably as to require correction. In other words, we are not talking about hermaphroditism, nor about hair growth by the type of the opposite sex, nor about problems in the genital area, or about other obvious signs of imbalance. This is just a personal feature from which the little things that are visible only to us follow. For example, fat deposition according to one or another type, a greater or lesser rate of development of atherosclerosis, a different picture of the course of critical days, a different level of muscle activity, etc.

We may not even realize that we have this feature. Meanwhile, menopause changes the main background in close interconnection with the proportions of the hormones that made it up. This process does not affect the adrenal glands, producing hormones of the opposite sex. Their activity above or below the accepted standard can play a decisive role in what hormones of which sex will give us the desired result – restoring balance. For example, a typical way for a mature organism to “raise” the dying synthesis of hormones of its sex is to increase the proportion of the opposite sex hormone. At the same time, the pituitary gland suggests that in response to an increase in the concentration of “foreign” hormone, the synthesis of “one’s own” will also increase. But if we already have a high background of “alien” hormone, and we try to take an example from the pituitary gland with menopause (“our” hormone will not start to be produced anymore), we are really at risk of changing sex. At least for a number of external signs.

2.The fact that hormones have more than one “anti-aging” effects. High testosterone, for example, is not only masculinity and great sexual activity. It is also the rapid development of atherosclerosis, the early onset of coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke. And estrogen is mood swings at an age when nervous tension will not bring us anything good. In addition, this is a number of hormone-dependent tumors – fibromyoma or, for example, mastopathy. Plus, let’s not forget about his outstanding ability to accelerate obesity, even where there are no other prerequisites for this.

By the way, in cases where the pathology of the genital gland or organ began as benign, but first showed tenacity to treatment, and then signs of malignancy, oncologists also “suspect” hormonal imbalance. Finally, hormone therapy for both sexes is a revival of sexual desires at an age in which it is not always possible to satisfy them (and even more fully). It is clear that we do not expect all of these consequences, and we do not want many of them. Meanwhile, half of them are manifested in each patient receiving hormonal therapy. Yes, in different combinations and degrees, but with equally uncomfortable consequences.

3.What we need to do is remember our youth or ease our old age. The first we just do not get it. We get only individual, often – disparate features of youth. The reverse development of most body tissues is impossible. This means that our kidneys, liver, and stomach will remain as they should be at our age. Brain function may improve, signs of failure in the bones, muscles and joints may slow down. Perhaps we will become slightly less flabby skin of the face and body. But these not too significant changes will definitely not go any further. We will not be accepted as 40-year-olds, even in the dark and with near-zero vision.

In other words, we will get the effect, but it will be much less significant and complete than we would like. The danger here is that hormonal drugs can improve our appearance, mood and well-being and thereby unwittingly deceive us. After all, they will not “rejuvenate” a good half of vital organs. But all these organs, as a sin, are internal. Under the influence of this deception, we can, so to speak, accidentally allow ourselves more than the remaining biological resource can allow us. And the results are clear: in the best case, this is a hospital bed for a period of weeks to months, in the worst – death or disability.

4.By how much we generally need to risk new imbalances in the body. That is, for the sake of what we are going to do this, if we are still younger, we will not be much younger, but we have every chance to add the problems of one age to the problems of a completely different one … We already have a reputation, financial stability and rich life experience. Beautiful appearance has long ceased to be the only means of achieving success for us – we know and have long learned to apply much more reliable ways. If our transition to old age was marked by only a few shallow, localized changes, would it not be easier to solve them by local manipulations?

For example, if we have a high risk of CNS pathologies such as Parkinson, Alzheimer, etc., we have a good reason for trying to delay or slow them down. But if we only have dry skin in certain areas, wrinkles or crunch in the joints, hormone therapy in the fight against these problems will give no greater efficiency than simpler local procedures. Or did we seriously think that a portion of estrogen would help from an attack of radiculitis better than a warm compress? .. It will not save him, will not ease the attack and will not prevent a new one. In the same way, we most likely will have to continue using special emollients for the skin of intimate places even after the start of hormonal treatment. And against wrinkles, starting from a certain moment, only the surgeon’s scalpel can help us in general – there are simply no other means to completely eliminate them at the age of over 40.

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