When you need to take hormones

In sum, it turns out that menopause has quite a few consequences, they are extremely diverse and, as we see, are not really encouraging. And our skin will begin to dry, and the bones will become senile, and the risk of genital infections will increase many times … For men, prostatitis is quite likely – they didn’t wait, as they say! .. And women in old age, in addition to eternal itching in the vagina, another dubious joy awaits – the replacement of mammary gland cells with connective tissue. Naturally, in this case, the breasts will decrease in size (although with excess weight, fat deposits can still increase it), lose their elasticity and become just like large folds of skin with nipples.

Moreover, we all understand what the problem is, and we know how to try to fight it. After all, pharmaceuticals have long been manufacturing and selling a number of hormonal preparations – from trivial tablets to ointments, creams, lotions, etc. Currently, there are full-fledged cosmetic lines that produce only products based on male or female hormones. It’s not even a medicine – it’s a care product (often even for various skin types) that moisturizes, softens, and rejuvenates … Moreover, it rejuvenates so that we can “throw off” them for 10 years, or even more .

It would seem that what else is needed? Indeed, depending on the concentration of hormones in such drugs and the duration of their use, both sexes can quickly forget about the symptoms that pester them. And for many, thanks to them, the quality of sexual life is also significantly improved, many forgotten opportunities return … In fact, the use of hormonal drugs is always a double step. It is most sensible to first consult with an endocrinologist about this. And after that, make the final decision.

The point is not even in obsessive and obscure explanations that, they say, all drugs are dangerous, everyone has side effects, etc. Yes, in general, this is indeed so. But, as we have already said, hormonal cosmetics are not a medicine as such. The concentration of the active substance in it is significantly lower than in a therapeutic drug. This means that the likelihood of side effects is significantly reduced. As soon as we hear this argument from the seller (especially since this is true), we can be tempted by the prospects, despite the above considerations – because they do not apply to this tool.

In fact: hormonal age-related cosmetics in Western Europe has long become a familiar and normal phenomenon. We have not yet developed this branch of cosmetology. One way or another, these products are made with the expectation of their versatility – for many and many different aging scenarios. That is, if only a doctor can prescribe a medicine, buying a face cream does not require any special purpose, as it seems to us. But between buyers of developed and developing countries there is one, but a significant difference. And it consists in a completely different frequency, the culture of doctor visits, consultations with him, and the prevention of various pathologies.

The low quality of service, the abundance of time that we spend on “wiping the chair” in the queue, the high cost of research have fostered a persistent aversion to medical institutions and their “population” in white coats. We do not like to go to the doctors because often the diagnosis, made independently, costs us much cheaper and faster. And, what is most surprising, is much more accurate than the diagnosis obtained as a result of these endless “walks” from one office to another.

So our unwillingness to once again go for a consultation with a doctor is understandable and understandable. But in developed countries, such visits look very different and many of them are also mandatory. And therefore, a whole series of funds that “they have” been on the free market for decades and without any special consequences, we still should not buy. The problem is not the danger of their composition and actions –the problem is the danger of our approach to them.

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