How are menopause and cancer related?

Climax and cancer are not always interconnected. Aging and without hereditary abnormalities creates more and more conditions for the nucleation and subsequent degeneration of defective cells that have formed with an error. For this reason, malignant tumors show an obvious dependence on age. Because of the ability to be inherited, cancer often overtakes children, adolescents, and youth. But still, the older we get, the higher its likelihood. Therefore, sometimes, in addition to the cancer’s own properties, our family also has a clear relationship between it and menopause. In such cases, we should start visiting the oncologist once every 6 months, starting at the age of 40.

Beyond the limits of the laws of genetics, factors that can significantly shift the period of menopause are also not so small. First of all, the cause of everything can be a sharp violation of the functions of one of the endocrine glands – as a rule, of those that produce sex hormones. For example, menopause will come with us immediately in case of removal of the testicles or prostate gland in men, as well as the ovaries in women. Analogues of removal can be radiation exposure or irreversible inhibition of functions following the course of chemotherapy. By the way, removal of only the female uterus does not affect the activity of the sex glands. However, due to the physical need to lay eggs as they mature, the uterus is always removed along with the ovaries.

Of course, the most common reason for removing the gonads is a malignant or (less commonly) necrotic process in them. If everything is clear with the tumor (“in honor” of it, surgery and radiation, and chemotherapy), then massive necrosis with cancer may not be associated. In most cases, a purulent or gangrenous lesion in the organs appears as a result of an acute infection. In women, the most common scenario of suppuration of the ovaries or fallopian tubes is a cyst. That is, an egg, which for some reason has matured, but did not fall into the uterine cavity, remaining in the ovaries or stuck halfway in the fallopian tube.

If this happened already due to infection (including sluggish, chronic), the decay of the cyst is almost guaranteed. If the process is not associated with the presence of an extraneous pathogen, and even more so if the cyst has not completely blocked the exit from the tube, it can sometimes not be suspected for years. Such “silent” cysts almost do not give symptoms, and foci of decay do not occur in them. But they eventually degenerate into a malignant tumor in almost 100 cases out of 100.

In men, the most common inflammation (including suppuration and necrosis) as a result of a genitourinary infection. The prostate gland is especially prone to this phenomenon. But a sluggish, long process has every chance to affect the testes located much higher, protected by the work of immunity. This happens with the upward spread of gonorrhea and syphilis. And infection with the papilloma virus often provokes the development of not only adenomas, but also prostate cancer. In addition, many chronic adenomas and prostatitis, which began in a manner quite typical of these pathologies, begin to manifest a malignant course over time.

Female menopause is also characterized by a clear dependence on the amount of fat in the body – that is, on the complexion of the lady in which she resides most of her life. As we said above, the background of estrogen itself is variable. It depends on the cycle of ovulation, because at various stages of its synthesis of estrogen may weaken or increase. The production of testosterone in a man’s body is a more stable phenomenon. Meanwhile, the female body, as well as the male one, urgently needs stability in this matter. Therefore, the fair sex has an additional “shock-absorbing” mechanism – the accumulation of estrogen reserves in the fat cells of the body. In this situation, it is natural that any strong or sharp weight loss in women leads to a noticeable drop in its blood level. Accordingly, weight gain is inevitably accompanied by its growth …

Due to the relationship between the amount of fat and estrogen levels, it is believed that overweight ladies are more sexually active than thin ones. Basically the way it is. Although, of course, this pattern is balanced by the greater sexual attractiveness of women who are not overweight. In addition, this explains the appearance of effeminate symptoms in men that are too full or have the so-called weak sexual constitution. That is, with deviations in testosterone production, which with an increase in estrogen levels lead to the appearance of cellulite, slowdown of hair growth on the face and body, increase in voice, etc. Well, among other things, this dependence provides an early menopause for women who are used to maintaining too low body weight . Or those of them who just too often expose their body to background vibrations due to periods of discharge / weight gain.

An important role in how soon we will have climax, and the question is how fully we eat during life, or at least most of it. The relationship is very simple: hormones are entirely proteins – that is, they are built from amino acids. Quite simply, there is not a single hormone that would not require for its synthesis the regular appearance on our table of meat, fish, milk, liver, eggs, etc. And yet there are more or less strict vegetarians, adherents of various religions. And it’s just those who took the advice too seriously to eat as many vegetables as possible — fruits and fiber — to the detriment of other foods.

And then, meat is meat, but before it turns into a molecule of estrogen or testosterone, it must still be digested, first turning into a set of amino acids. Then these amino acids will enter the bloodstream from the intestine and enter the cells of various tissues. Including the cells of the endocrine glands, which can not only divide, but also create hormone molecules. Naturally, just not a single cell capable of this will create a molecule. Indeed, for any chemical reaction, not only active substances are necessary, but also catalysts – something without which the reaction will not start or take place in a completely different way than necessary.

Hormones are synthesized from amino acids, but with the participation of a number of excipients. For example, everyone knows that thyroid hormones are half made up of proteins, but half made up of iodine. Red blood cells erythrocytes are also a whole set of proteins, one of which (hemoglobin) is produced only in the presence of iron in the blood. In the same way, sex hormones – the success of their synthesis depends on a sufficient amount of all the substances necessary for this.

Sperm need zinc for normal activity, and the prostate gland produces ejaculate only with the participation of selenium. It is because of the latter that dandruff (seborrheic eczema, usually due to zinc deficiency) is more common for men than women. And if we think that there are less than two dozen in total, we are deeply mistaken. So, if our food is far from the concept of usefulness, we should not be surprised that even with healthy sex glands, we will always suffer from a deficiency of one hormone, then another, or even all at once.

Finally, let us recall what was said above about antagonist hormones. Typically, each hormone in the body, regardless of its functions, is an antagonist of another hormone that performs the opposite functions. In such pairs, an excess of one of the hormones naturally suppresses the activity of the other. And this leads to the development of ever new portions of the oppressed hormone – and the violation is fixed, spreading to the other glands and the products of their secretion. Plus, couples do not always consist of antagonists – because the functions of, say, adrenaline and testosterone are largely complementary.

As you can see, in our body there are too many such combinations for at least someone to take into account all of them. Even an experienced endocrinologist is not always capable of this – not like us. It’s not a secret that many hormones are secreted in order to regulate the work of the cerebral cortex in the right direction – the center of our emotions and thinking. In particular, this is the main purpose of adrenaline – one of the hormones is not so much sexual development as stress.

And we can be sure that part of the corticosteroids (the so-called all hormones that regulate the activity of the central nervous system) have a very noticeable effect on the hormonal background. Firstly, acting on the cortex, they simultaneously act on the main endocrine gland of the body – the pituitary gland. Secondly, because part of their functions may involve suppressing the activity of certain sex hormones. The most common example of corticosteroid suppression of the gonads is a variant with a constant excess of adrenaline and cortisone. The latter is another stress hormone. And the action of both of them is directed mainly against the female background – especially the hormone prolactin. Although cortisone, by the way, is the “worst enemy” of testosterone …

The logic of the body here is very clear: bursts of libido, hysteria, and tearfulness of many women should be attributed to the action of prolactin. That’s why they increase shortly before the start of critical days, and this increase is called PMS … This also includes a number of other manifestations that a modern woman seeks to contain in the most common stressful situation – in an unpleasant conversation with superiors. Of course, the very desire to restrain them is quite normal, because stressful thinking requires logic and clarity of mind. And the action of prolactin, as we see, is relevant only in conditions of rest and home, not social communication. Kore and, therefore, the pituitary gland, all this is well known. Therefore, the abundance of stress in a woman’s life can cause infertility, pregnancy failure, and early extinction of ovarian activity. In a word, everything that inevitably follows the stable oppression of one of the main hormones of the sex.

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