Menopause is not climax

Preparation in any business guarantees 50% success. For menopause to become the beginning of a new life, and not a bunch of diseases and the cause of a bad mood, it is worth remembering its existence much earlier than 50 years. Today we will talk about the difference between menopause and menopause and how to always stay beautiful and healthy.

The main postulate of menopause: “After 50 years, life is just beginning.” And these are not empty words. The danger that prevents you from enjoying life – the fear of pregnancy – disappears. Before the woman opens the door to a new sexual world without fear and anxiety, without control of herself and her husband. Menopause is not the end of femininity, beauty and health, but the beginning of a truly sexual life.

What is menopause in terms of physiology? This is just the absence of menstruation. The transition to the next stage of life. First, the girl has no menstruation, then they appear in adolescence, then pregnancy and their absence again, then resumption. This is the cyclical nature of life, nothing more. In addition, with the onset of menopause, female hormones do not cease to exist. Just their number decreases. And instead of the ovaries, which cease to function, adipose tissue and the liver become a source of estrogen. In addition, the termination of the ovaries is very relative. In the period of premenopause and menopause, there are several waves (almost a tsunami), the release of a large number of eggs. This provokes a serious hormonal explosion in the female body.

The first hormonal revolution occurs about 40 years (some in 38 or 42 years). Externally, the hormone boom is expressed by two behavioral reactions: a woman either passionately wants a child or is fond of young men. My forty-year-old colleague, having grown-up children, had a burning desire to give birth to another one. The absence of her husband did not stop her. Like my arguments, and her understanding of the mechanism of action of hormones. Fortunately, after some time, the passions subsided and life improved. But the birth of a baby at this age is a frequent occurrence.

The second explosion is possible much later – after 50 and even 60 years. At this time, the amount of hormones is less, but it is enough for a woman to become more sexual. Interestingly, in the male version, menopause is not so favorable. Nature has not taken care of the hormonal support of the representatives of the stronger sex, so they suffer more psychologically. After 50 years, men are more likely to be depressed. The main reason is the fear of impotence. And the woman always remains the woman, receiving pleasure up to a deep old age.

Menopause or climax? Menopause is another stage in life, bringing joy and pleasure. The absence of joy and the presence of painful conditions – this is menopause. Its manifestations can be very diverse: hot flashes, migraines, vegetovascular reactions, pressure surges, mental instability. All the symptoms of menopause can be influenced by homeopathy. One of the main drugs that balance hormone balance during menopause is premarin.

I believe that hormone replacement therapy during menopause is ineffective. In France, where my school friend lives, all women are fixated on hormones. Despite the fact that I warned a friend about possible adverse reactions, for example, that my own hormones are worse developed after taking artificial ones, she decided to act like a real Frenchwoman. After three months, her health deteriorated sharply. The situation has changed after the appointment of a homeopathic remedy called plant-based Premarin. This is one of the female drugs that support hormonal function. For eight years now she has been taking homeopathy in combination with vitamins and minerals. A friend looks great, and much younger than her passport age.

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