Life without sex. Effects on women’s health

If there is no regular sex life – how will this affect my women’s health, hormone levels, the development of women’s diseases, and so on?

Life without sex will not affect your physical female health at all, will not affect the level of sex hormones, will not lead to the development of any chronic diseases, will not shorten your life and will not increase the risks of oncology.

Sex is not water, food or sleep – without which we will definitely perish. The needs for it are very individual and will depend on many factors, for example, on the sexual constitution.

If the need for intimate relationships is great (typical for a strong sexual constitution) – of course, the lack of sexual life will negatively affect, but first of all, on the emotional state, reducing the quality of life.

Satisfying your physiological need is quite simple – because an orgasm experienced with a partner is not very different from an orgasm experienced on your own.

Thus, the lack of sex can affect (and even then not for everyone) only your emotional and mental balance, harmony, a sense of fullness of life, but in no way – on your physical health.

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