10 arguments for a menstrual cup

Talking about menstruation is even harder than talking about sex. Why you need a menstrual cup, how to use it and why it is better than other personal care products – in our article.

Those days

I was always troubled by the thought that something reusable could be used in menstruation. It is all the more pleasant to realize that modern technologies and progress improve a woman’s life, change ideas and tear patterns.

A week of menstruation used to be always accompanied by a careful selection of linen, hourly thoughts, is it time to change the tampon, have I forgot to take a strategic supply with me. And regular washing in cold water in the evenings is the most terrible memory of life before the bowl. But once in a Parisian pharmacy, a friend offered to buy a menstrual cup. At first I resisted, but the spirit of the experimenter won, and since then I forgot about tampons and pads.

Fears vs. reality

Fear 1: She will fall out. I don’t know where it came from – tampons did not fall out even once. In fact, the bowl has a very physiological form, so it holds tight and well.

Fear 2: She will go upstairs, and it will be difficult for me to get it, because she does not have a long string, like a tampon. She really creeps away, and, no matter how I tried to leave the little tail outside, it was absorbed into the vagina every time after a couple of minutes. At first this is scary, but the bowl is always groped in the first few centimeters inside, that is, it is impossible to lose it.

Fear 3: It will not be possible to change it outside the house, because it must be washed. In fact, they recommend updating the bowl every 10-12 hours, that is, all these terrible tampon shifts in cafes and other public toilets simply disappear from life, as do the thoughts about remembering to do this. I relaxed so much that I somehow left the bowl for 24 hours, and nothing terrible happened.

Fear 4: It’s large, it will be uncomfortable to set it. In fact, the cup is put in folded, in which it is slightly wider than the swab (and certainly much smaller than almost any member), therefore, it is simple and painless to enter and remove it.

Well, my main fear: It will flow!

Sometimes it really leaks a little, but these two drops are nothing compared to the periodic puddles that a tampon and pad can leave. A bonus you can track the volume of menstruation and monitor their dynamics during the course of menstruation.

Pros and cons. Usage restrictions

Especially annoying me in using the bowl was the need for sterilization, but boiling can be replaced by treatment with a special tool. In addition, I use an antibacterial agent for sex toys for a bowl that smells like perfume.

Do not use the bowl if it causes discomfort. Also, in cases of imbalance of microflora, such as vaginosis and thrush, it is worth refraining from using a bowl. Its material is not a favorable environment for the propagation of pathogenic flora, but the unpleasant odor (if it accompanies the disease) is absorbed and remains for a long time, it is difficult to get rid of it. And common sense tells you: it is better to play it safe in order to avoid re-infection.

Arguments in favor of the menstrual cup

  1. It is environmentally friendly. The bowl lasts for years, when it is used, the amount of non-decomposable waste is sharply reduced.
  2. It is aesthetically pleasing. The bowls are pleasant to the touch, they are made of medical silicone, and they look like an unusual accessory.
  3. It is compact. No more shelves with a stock of tampons and pads of different volumes and shapes for use on different days of the cycle.
  4. It’s nice. She really is not felt. Generally. No way. “These days” are no longer different from any others. Even the thread does not stick out.
  5. It’s comfortable. I swam in the pool, played squash for two hours, ran, sat, danced, lay, slept. I really forgot about menstruation.
  6. This is useful. So much space in the head is freed up for work and important thoughts instead of thoughts about cowards. I prefer to think about underwear in a different context. By the way, about the context: you can have sex with the cup – any technique, except penetration, is pleasant and comfortable with it (finding a penis and a cup at the same time can be uncomfortable).
  7. It is economical. Bowls serve up to 10 years. I recommend for maximum convenience to store one at a time in different places (at home, in a bag, in the country). And even if you choose the most expensive option for more than two thousand rubles, the amount spent cannot be compared with the monthly expenses for tampons and pads.
  8. This is physiological. The bowl is the safest method: unlike tampons and pads, the bowl material is not a beneficial medium for the growth of bacteria.
  9. It is modern. Technology, innovation – all as we love!
  10. This is fashionable. Since everyone around is talking about it, it makes sense to at least try.

How to choose the perfect bowl for yourself

The bowls are different to the touch, with different tails, with or without a measuring scale. I advise you first of all to pay attention to the material. It should be soft, smooth, high-quality (do not chase for cheap bowls!) And pleasant to the touch.

Bowls are produced in different colors, multi-colored ones look prettier, but with them it is difficult to determine the color of the discharge. So, if it is important to monitor the discharge, it is better to choose the classic version.

They come in different sizes. When choosing a size, focus on your physique and the nature of the discharge. It is important to remember that the absorbent capacity of the tampon is lower, that is, 3-5 absolutely full four-drop tampons – half the large bowl. Manufacturers recommend small sizes to nulliparous women, and vice versa, but I use different sizes on different days of the cycle. By the end of menstruation, it is more comfortable to use the smallest bowl option.

Whatever tool you choose, remember that the main thing is a feeling of comfort and confidence, and menstruation is not a shame, but completely natural. And so that the days do not become critical, do not forget to take care of your health.

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