Masturbation: 9 reasons to do it more often

Once upon a time, it was obvious to most people that masturbation was a sin; then it seemed no less obvious that masturbation leads to many diseases, from the hair on the palms of the hands to dementia. And today, scientists are finding more and more reasons to believe that sex with oneself is a very useful activity. So, why masturbate more often – a great idea?

1. Reduces stress

According to studies, during an orgasm, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin are released – neurotransmitters that are responsible for feelings of happiness and affection. They, in turn, lower the level of cortisol, the main hormone of stress, which can cause insomnia and other unpleasant things associated with constant anxiety. In short, masturbation helps you feel better. But you probably already knew that.

2. Improves sex with a partner

Masturbation is a great way to get to know yourself better, to study your own body, to figure out which touches you like best, which fantasies you have, and which one is probably worth putting into practice. And the better you know yourself, the better your partner will be able to recognize you, and the better your sex with him will be.

3. Improves sleep

Have you noticed how easy it is to fall asleep after an orgasm? It’s all about hormones again. Endorphins and oxytocin help to relax and disconnect. Magic works not only during sex with a partner: bringing yourself to orgasm on your own is a great way to end the day and go into sleep.

4. Promotes Health

Masturbation is not only pleasant, but also very useful – the results of numerous studies indicate this. For example, one of them found that frequent masturbation is associated with a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

5. Helps to feel sexy

When you know yourself and, in particular, know how to make yourself comfortable, you are in contact with yourself and your own sexuality. And this is not a quote from a book on self-actualization, but the results of a scientific study conducted in the UK in 2009. Thus, masturbation, among other things, helps to improve self-perception – of course, if you are not convinced that you have sinned.

6. Helps fight overeating

There is a common phrase that pizza is better than sex. However, after an orgasm – it doesn’t matter, we are talking about masturbation or sex with a partner – you are less likely to want to eat. But the unmet desire for sex, on the contrary, is more likely to push you on the path of overeating. The secret is that sex and appetite share common areas of the cerebral cortex and are therefore directly related. In short, an effective way to end donuts is to purchase a new vibrator.

7. Trains pelvic floor muscles

Every time you have sex, with or without a partner, your pelvic floor muscles contract, which means they get a great workout. Strengthening these muscles is important during recovery after childbirth, as well as the prevention of prolapse and prolapse of the pelvic organs and urinary incontinence. These problems are quite common (for example, every fourth woman experiences incomplete urinary retention throughout life), and their cause is precisely in the weak muscles of the pelvic floor.

8. Relieves pain

Endorphins, which we have already mentioned a couple of times, are close relatives of morphine, a strong narcotic pain medication, and they also relieve pain. This means that masturbation can help temporarily forget about headaches, cramps during menstruation or a toothache.

9. After all, masturbating is just damn nice

And this is valuable in itself.

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