Disappearing hormones

History of our client.

By today’s standards, I got married early – at 22 years old. We were familiar for only three months, but still got married. I did not hesitate for a long time, I dreamed of breaking out of my parents’ home as quickly as possible. The situation was not very good with us, my parents often quarreled, and dad treated me rather harshly. In short, as soon as a person who loves me turned up – kind, sympathetic and affectionate – I immediately got married and went out.

At first we did not even think about children. My husband wanted to, but I was not up to it. Studying, freedom from parental control, adult family life … In general, she lived for herself and rejoiced.

After graduating from high school, I suddenly wondered whether to give birth to a baby. Well, what family without children? My husband was immensely happy, and we “began to work on this issue.” A year and a half passed, but nothing came of it.

We went to the doctor. Perhaps earlier this had to be done. After all, my, as they say now, “reproductive health” has never been distinguished by a special strength. Menstruation began quite late, always irregular. There were delays for a month or even two. But somehow I did not attach any importance to this before.

But then, faced with medicine – I realized: not everything is fine with me. After the examination, polycystosis was diagnosed. First, hormonal drugs were prescribed, I drank for six months – the pregnancy did not come. But against the background of treatment, even the menstrual cycle has become regular.

The next step is surgery. First, laparoscopy was performed. She showed that the fallopian tubes are passable, but the ovaries are enlarged. And then it was decided to precisely burn ovarian capsules to reduce their volume. Decided – done.

She recovered quickly and immediately into battle. We were given 6-12 months to “get” the pregnancy. But she did not advance …

Objectionable marriage

And then my hands dropped. I suddenly thought, since children are not given to us, it means that our family is not real, such a union is not acceptable to heaven. I remember when I told my husband that I had to leave, he argued for a long time, persuaded, resented, begged … But I was adamant. We parted.

For the first month or two, everything was fine. But then she began to feel anguish, began to remember more and more often her husband what he would say in this situation, how he would act in another … In general, the further, the harder it was for me. I realized that I can’t live without him.

I changed my mind a lot during that time. She especially cursed herself for destroying the good things that had happened in my life. And why did I decide that our marriage is objectionable? Who ever gave me the right to judge this?

Somehow she gathered her courage and called her husband. And, oh joy, he seemed to be waiting for this! He, too, our parting was given with difficulty.

We began to live together again. But now the relationship has become different – warmer, understanding. However, we still tried not to raise the topic of children.

Somehow we walk along the street, and there is a family with twins. Lovely, funny and immediately obvious – happy. And then her husband: “But should we try again?” I agreed. For him.

Back to battle

And again, doctors, examinations, pills, operations. After the next removal of the cyst, contraceptives were prescribed. Accepting them, I noticed that something had changed in me: nerves began to be naughty, now in tears, then in anger for no apparent reason. Suddenly it became very hot, it all started to burn, then it was suddenly cold.

Contraceptives were canceled, but there is no menstruation … Urgently to the doctor, passed hormones. And according to the results, I, a 32-year-old woman, have already had menopause. It was a nightmare, something I could not even imagine in my nightmares!

But my husband was wiser than me. I don’t know what was in his soul, but he listened calmly to me and said: we are changing tactics, we are going to reproductologists. So that not a simple gynecologist, but a doctor specializing in the problem of infertility, appreciated our chances. And he helped to find the best solution.

According to reviews we found the Medical Center for Genetics and Reproduction, went there. Upon examination, it turned out that I have only one follicle on both ovaries. This means one chance of pregnancy out of a hundred or even a thousand.

The doctor offered donor programs. But I am only 33 years old … I am not ready for such a turn of events. My husband and I discussed everything and again to the doctor: we will try IVF.

As it turned out, in my situation it is impossible to prescribe normal stimulation. But with some preparation, you can carry out minimal stimulation or in the natural menstrual cycle to track the growing follicle and pick up the egg.

Prescribed drugs to eliminate the deficiency of sex hormones. She felt better, her nerves stopped being naughty, and tearfulness passed. I began to undergo the necessary tests for IVF.

Happy day

One day she came to an ultrasound scan, and the doctor happily informs me that I will ovulate tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Here he is X. I’m running to my reproductologist. In one day my husband and I passed all the missing tests. And after a day I had a follicle puncture, they took an egg. And the husband did not disappoint: in the spermogram all the indicators were good.

Every day they called up with the doctor – “our” embryo grew correctly, every day, as expected. And so the day of transfer was appointed. We arrived at the clinic, terribly worried. But everything went well.

But then there were two weeks of longing for the test. And hooray! The test showed two strips, retook the blood – everything confirmed my pregnancy.

And then nine months of happy anxious expectation and the birth of our daughter. What else is needed for happiness ?!

I am grateful to heaven that we were sent such a test – infertility. We had to go this way in order to realize: the family is the most valuable thing we have. It is in close people – our strength and our happiness.

Gynecologist-reproductologist of the center for reproduction and genetics comments

Unfortunately, many young women are turning to us now after various operations on the ovaries and fallopian tubes. As a result, their ovarian reserve is markedly reduced, i.e. stock of their eggs and a deficiency of sex hormones occurs. This is difficult psychologically, because women are not ready to go to donor programs at a young age.

Therefore, it is for this category of patients that special schemes have been developed and are actively applied to prepare for IVF programs. Indeed, the onset of spontaneous pregnancy in such situations is unlikely.

As a rule, hormone replacement therapy is prescribed to normalize the performance of sex hormones. Then we apply special protocols with low doses of stimulant drugs. Or we monitor the maturation of the egg in the natural menstrual cycle with its subsequent fence.

In such a situation, it is important not to waste time and contact a reproductologist in a timely manner. After all, medicine still does not know how to restore the ability of the ovaries to produce sufficient quality eggs. We are trying to help women get their eggs. But if for some reason this is not possible, the question arises of conducting an IVF program with donor oocytes. I agree, this is always a difficult decision. But for those who have already encountered several failures, it is often the only possible one.

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